fall 2012 { in a nutshell }

ooooh, boy, i am SO BEHIND on my posts!

here's our fall in some unedited straight-out-of-camera pictures.

hopefully i can stay caught up next year!

let's start with our picnic in the mountains.  it was absolutely beautiful!

carvin' pumpkin's.  it was so warm this year that we kept it ghetto-style and did them in the garage.

onto halloween.  elli wanted to wear the dorothy costume that miss wore a couple of years ago.  i'm pretty sure she just wanted to wear the red sparkly shoes and didn't care who she had to be to do it.  miss was a "zombie doctor", sawyer was a motorcycle dude thanks to the amazing brand-new leather jacket i found for $5 at the d.i. and the $1 mustache from wal-mart and baby jake got to be an angel since it was the only costume i had that fit him.

i put my minions to work raking the leaves.  

miss got a buy one get one free coupon to jungle jim's from school so i let her invite a friend and we took them for her birthday.  i didn't realize how cheap that place was and the kids had TONS of fun!

and just some random photos from the last few months.

first snow of the year...

playing on the computer

caught miss reading to elli and her friends

wish me luck on my blogging skillz for next year!


{ 8 }

this little gal of ours is 8 years old today.

we love her so much and can't imagine life without her!


{ 2 }

this little goose is 2 today!

we love this crazy kid!


spooky stuff

 huzzah! all our halloween decor is up!

or as sawyer likes to call it... spooky stuff


hill air force museum

jakey is obsessed with airplanes so on the way back down from the brigham city temple we stopped in layton to check out the hill air force museum.

it was waaaay cooler than i thought it would be!

lots of fun war planes.  i seriously couldn't believe how massive some of them were!

can you tell he was excited to be there?

my dreamboat...

not so dreamy with his finger up his nose...

nerd alert!

didn't take too many shots once we were inside but it was humongous!

elli's showing off a rock she took from outside

it was a great day!  we will definitely be back!